About the Birders

We are three friends joined by a common love of our feathered friends. We have been bird watching together and separately for over 10 years. We have known each other since primary school, when we were all in the same grade. We get together twice a year in various countries to go on fabulous bird watching expeditions. So far we have walked through the Amazon in Venezuela, went to the Outback of Australia, stayed in cabins in New England, and explored Mozambique. We always have a good time together, take lots of pictures, talk, catch up, and drink lots of wine and enjoy local food.

Marie loves painting in her spare time. Her favorite medium is oil. She likes to paint the birds she captures on camera. Her favorite bird is the swan. She has sold her paintings to numerous galleries in the Northwest, and been featured in Northwest Birders Association magazine. Every year she auctions off one painting of a swan and donates the proceedings to the National Audubon Society.

Johnson enjoys making pottery by hand. He creates vases, bowls, and mugs for people he loves and also for his own studio that he has owned for 15 years on Vancouver Island. His favorite bird is the finch. He owns five finches of just about every color of the rainbow.

Valerie loves to play casino slot machines at online casinos like thrills and loves hawks. She has learned to tame several birds of prey and also released several back into the wild. She likes to climb mountains in her spare time, and usually brings her knitting along.